SOLD: 1972 Austin Mini Classic ‘Commercial’ Van 1275cc & trailer

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Here is a cool little Austin Mini I bought locally recently,    would like to keep it as a nice little run-around/ delivery truck,   but I have to sell something soon..   I have an extended trip to Oregon planned in August and have to get the war chest brought back up to snuff.

~Car has been sold~

This 1972 Mini is showing 207 miles on its new speedometer/ odometer – True Mileage Unknown.     Engine was recently replaced with a fresh 1275cc unit –  it is fast!   New clutch fitted at this time (only a couple hundred miles ago) ,  electric cooling fan,  new brake lines, front disc brakes,  13″ alloy wheels,  with brand-new V-rated tires, and more comfortable seats, drivers side power.


Car is a cosmetic project –   most panels dented/ have filler,   have been rust repaired.     Car did pass its last MOT test in the UK though,   so is structurally sound.     Car does come with many new panels : front fenders,  door skins, door bottoms, rear door skins and more.

Can be driven now,  starts right up, runs, drives and stops fine.

Steering rack has a missing tooth (my guess) as there is a spot in it where wheel ‘thunks’ loudly while turning.  I inspected suspension and nothing loose,  just happens at this same spot in steering angle.   Should be fixed soon,  but I have been driving it like this.


Matching little trailer very cute and practical if you need to haul things around in your tiny car.


As you can see, it is a right hand driver —    Nifty if you have to deliver mail, or like attention.


Call me at 912-14-8993 with any questions/ to discuss purchase.  Car has clear title ready to transfer to new owner now.   Will be 100% title-able/ register-able in all 50 states.

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