1983 Range Rover Classic *convertible* V8/ 4-speed manual Celebrity owned?

One I wish I would have kept.   And not just because I was told it belonged to Michael Jackson. *SOLD*

I bought this Range Rover about a year before MJ passed away,  and so the seller was not trying to cash in on that recent sad turn of events.  I was mainly excited that it is a 2-door Range Rover,  and had a manual transmission attached to its V8 engine.   I was told it was a ‘Wood and Pickett’ conversion.    It looked a bit shabbier than a professional conversion, and there was no top at all.    I got looking into its provenance,  and traced it back to a town in Arizona where I was told, yes, an employee of Michael Jackson had brought it in for some work – and never picked it up.  He said it was gifted to him by the King of Pop.

I do not know if that was true or not,  but every time I mentioned this while selling it (Shortly after the star’s final moonwalk) I was vilified.    I had one or two people pop out of the woodwork to confirm my story,  but most people accused me of cashing in on Mr. Jackson’s death.

Cash in I did,  but not for very much.    Truck ran very well, and would have been fun to drive – if a feller did not live in Oregon.   Where it rains a lot , get it?   And I sold it pretty cheap.    I wish I had it now, knowing what I have learned about Range Rovers,  this would have been a good one to keep in the garage and take out when sunny, or have a top made.

And who knows?   Maybe one day I would see it in the background of the video to ‘Thriller’ – ?

  • 3.5L Rover V8 w/ 4bbl carburetor
  • LT95 4 speed manual transmission
  • Air Conditioning (Very rare option in early 2-doors)
  • New paint
  • Needs interior installed
  • No top
  • Newer manual seats
  • Michael Jackson owned?
  • SOLD









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