1987 Range Rover Classic 2-door, turbo diesel, 5-speed LHD! Taking deposit/ coming soon

Range Rover Classic 2-door.   Not many here in the states.  Better than a Defender 90?

Here is another one I bought recently, currently with my guy in Spain, waiting to get booked onto the next vessel to me here in Portland,  expected to arrive in late February.   This is one of the most requested trucks I get action on ;  the 2-door Rangie.    The fact that this one is left hand drive,  and rust free make it a very nice find.   Add in 2.5 Tdi turbo-diesel and 5-speed manual and we are talking a great, fun truck here!   All the ability of the Defender,   but you’ll have a heater that works well,  a few power accessories,  and you can carry on a conversation in this one while on the freeway.

Interested parties can contact me on 503-810-4713 to discuss, and I do accept a small deposit to hold vehicles which are in transit to ‘put your name on it’ until it arrives and you can inspect it here in Portland.  Deposit 100% refundable.

  •    98,000 miles
  • Rare 2-door
  • Left Hand Drive
  • black paint looks great
  • door cards currently missing, I’ll get some in there for the buyer
  • 2.5 turbo diesel returns 25-30MPG and goes good on the freeway
  • 5-speed transmission feels good and strong
  • New headliner
  • Final titled, delivered, registered price will be around $14,500
  • No rust
  • Will be in Portland towards the end of February


DSC00438 DSC00439 DSC00440 DSC00441 DSC00442 DSC00443 DSC00444 DSC00445 DSC00447


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