**SOLD** 1987 VW Doka/Syncro turbo diesel 4×4 Crew Cab truck

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I recently caught the bug to get a 4 wheel drive Syncro truck, and got carried away and bought two!   Both are German, LHD,  running/driving/ready to use now.   This green one has about 180K miles and had current TUV, meaning everything was working and safe for the roads.   Starts, runs, drives and will take you anywhere you want to go.   A bit of a project compared to the white one,  but still overall very solid, nice and original.  Call 912-414-8993 for more details, or message zak@zombiemotors.net.

  •  5 speed manual transmission, shifts fine, little bit of gearbox whine.
  • No locking differentials.
  • 1.6L original turbo diesel engine burning some oil, but will make it anywhere  –   just be sure to carry a few quarts of oil with you.   Perfect opportunity to have us fit a 1.9Tdi engine conversion for you.
  • Body straight and nice, but there are isolated areas of cosmetic rust.
  • A great opportunity to buy a Volkswagen Doka Syncro for a reasonable price and fix it up however you like.  This is the one I will keep if I do not get enough interest from buyers and restore/resell for top dollar.
  •  These do not pop up for sale often here in the US,  if you have been thinking about buying one, this is the time and this is the one!
  • Call me at 912-414-8993 with any questions, thank you.

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