1989 Range Rover Classic w/Tdi turbo diesel & 5-speed manual transmission

Ready to go now! My favorite truck with a very ‘classic’ look – Just as capable off road as a Defender,  but is comfortable and even economical with a Tdi engine!

This vehicle is now finished and ready to go to a new owner.    Best conversion yet!

This 1989 has new paint,   super low original miles (93,700),   even lower miles on engine and transmission (under 90K)   and has a lot of new parts used in the conversion, ready to roll another couple of hundred thousand miles.

These Classics, once converted, are a hoot to drive and get great mileage.     Very reliable too, no more of the V8 overheating / head gasket worries, and maintenance becomes very simple.    I use ‘freeway gears’  in the LT230 center-locking diff transfer case,  so you can go 70MPH all day long, and 80 in a pinch.

  • Very low miles on truck – 93,700 original
  • 200Tdi/ Lt77 conversion kit has low 89K miles
  • Engine ‘massaged’ with new timing belt, engine seals, valve adjustment, water and diesel lift pump – Ready to go for another 60K until next service
  • Now finished and ready to enjoy
  • price will be about $12500 , depending on options
  • Air conditioning avaialble
  • New paint looks great,  but is not perfect.
  • Interior very clean. Perfect headliner.
  • Truck has no rust, anywhere.
  • Tires in excellent condition.  Newer suspension lift/ upgrade

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DSC03453 DSC03454 DSC03455 DSC03456 DSC03457 DSC03458 DSC03459 DSC03460 DSC03461 DSC03462 DSC03463 DSC03464 DSC03465 DSC03466 DSC03467 DSC03468 DSC03469 DSC03470 DSC03471 DSC03472 DSC03473 DSC03474

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