ANYONE WANT A 300Tdi turbo diesel Discovery? This one is available..

I can build this truck to order.   I no longer build them to see if someone wants them,  so for a short time, this will be available as a bespoke-built 300Tdi 5 speed Disco with fully rebuilt 12-month guaranteed 300Tdi engine:

160K on truck chassis.   New brakes all around.

New battery.

Interior looks nice.    New headliner fitted.

Rear inward-facing jump seats,  rear A/C option.

A/C blows cold.

Arles blue paint is original and looks great.    Will be fitted with new front bumper.

IMG_0839 IMG_0838 IMG_0836 IMG_0835 IMG_0832 IMG_0831 IMG_0834 IMG_0833

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