Built to Order – The perfect 1973 Series III 88″ convertible – Coming soon, can be yours.

I just purchased this complete,  rust-free 1973 Series III.  It has ZERO rust. My plan is to rebuild it over the winter ,  including new paint,   Discovery axles with 4-wheel disc brakes,  5-speed LT77 , and rebuilt Zombie Motors Tdi turbo diesel engine.

$50,000 and it can be yours,   finished,   in whatever color you want.  200/300tdi engine.  5-speed LT77 rebuilt transmission.   LT230 locking differential (unless you prefer to keep the series 2WD/AWD option). New interior.    Soft top or hard top/ your choice.

Will be better than new when finished in the Spring.    Can be secured now to be yours,  and can be built to your specification if you reach out to me here.

I’ll include photo of how I want it to look when I am finished here …


IMG_3631 IMG_3630 IMG_3635IMG_3629

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