1992 Land Rover Defender 90 200Tdi – very solid and low miles


The Land Rover Finder in the UK came up with this one recently,   it is now in our name/ possession and on the boat headed for the USA.     As usual ,  once the ferry sales,  I like to put these up at the most reasonable prices you are likely to … Read More

Coming Soon – 1989 Land Rover Defender 90 very low miles, CSW


So,  here we have another hand-picked and prepared Defender 90 Station Wagon selected by our Rover expert-buyer in the UK!   Only 79,000 original miles,  starts, runs, drives, stops  great.     Bulkhead and frame exceptionally solid.    Some rust in door bottoms.   A perfect starter truck for you.   2.5L gasoline 4 – cylinder … Read More

1973 Wolseley 6 2200 – The BIG Austin Mini! Welcome the Landcrab.


I was looking in my recent issue of Classic and Sportscar,   and as so often happens,  an innocent reading of an article about a cool car I have never seen in the flesh before turns into an Ebay.uk.co search,  which in turn becomes some impulsive and not-well-thought-out bidding,  which ultimately … Read More

New Zombie Motors BIG shop truck ! In-house deliveries available soon


1990 Leyland-DAF Roadrunner dropside flat-bed cargo truck.   20 foot bed,  1 ton liftgate,  Dodge Cummins 6-cylinder diesel engine , and only 58K original miles, so barely broken in!    This is the first in our fleet of larger delivery trucks as part of the new biz in 2017/2018 …  Stay Tuned!

1989 VW Double Cab Doka 1.9Tdi pick up truck – 4 doors! Turbo diesel


I have here another 1.9 Tdi turbo diesel crew cab Volkswagen Crew Cab pickup truck..   Powerful engine allows for cruising at 70MPH ,  while still returning great mileage.   This one has 4 full doors unlike the usual 3.  Lowered a little bit, big alloy wheels may not be to everyone’s … Read More

Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon – Solid, Tdi – powered and ready for summer


Here is another of the vehicles currently en-route from the UK , scheduled to arrive on or around May 7th ;   a  Land Rover Defender 90 Civilian Station Wagon.     Available now to secure with your refundable deposit:

1987 VW Doka/Syncro turbo diesel 4×4 Crew Cab truck


I recently caught the bug to get a 4 wheel drive Syncro truck, and got carried away and bought two !   Both are German , LHD ,  running / driving/ ready to use now..  This green one has about 180K miles and had current TUV , meaning everything was working … Read More

1991 Toyota Double Cab Hilux pickup truck


I have probably had more requests for a nice one of these than any other vehicle.  This one is especially tidy,  very rare here in the US, and will sell very quickly.   If you want to learn more or buy it,  call me at 912-414-8993 , thank you

Coming Soon/ Available for Deposit now; 1991 Defender 90 200Tdi pick up truck – CUTE!!

Like the headline says,  this little guy is scheduled to arrive here the beginning of May,  but I have a lot of people who tell me ‘The next 200Tdi Defender you get in – Call me, I want it! ” – Well folks, here is your chance to put your … Read More

1987 Volkswagen Doka Syncro turbo diesel Truck – low miles


On its way now from the UK ~  One of my most requested vehicles ~  A LHD VW Syncro Doka Crew Cab pick up truck! Only 189,000KM , which is under 118K miles.  Turbo diesel so it gets good mileage, is reliable and you will feel great driving it!    Will … Read More