Land Rover Defender 90 300Tdi —- Sweet entry-level D90!


You WILL NOT find another Defender 90 that is Tdi-powered and ready-to-go anywhere in the USA for less than our price here, and this truck is ready to use now.   Drive it anywhere!   For the best deals in the US on Land Rover Defenders and the most comprehensive Tdi-engine power swap kits, ZombieMotors is the spot you need to shop first.

  • 300Tdi – powered Defender 90 for under $20K ?  WHAAAAAA??
  • R380 5-speed transmission too?   Yep.   This is a great deal, people.
  • 149,000 miles on truck,  110,000 on the 300Tdi and R380!
  • Civilian Station wagon — Seats 6 people with a cubby box in center position in the front.
  • Very solid truck, hand picked by our buyer in the UK for its lack of rust/problems.
  • Ready to drive anywhere, right now.
  • Will be sold with a clear, Oregon title – able to be registered/titled in all 50 US states.

IMG_4475 IMG_4471 IMG_4470 IMG_4468 IMG_4467 IMG_4466 IMG_4464IMG_4484IMG_4483IMG_4482IMG_4481IMG_4480IMG_4477


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