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  • IMPORT/ CAR FINDER SERVICES:   In addition to selling difficult-to-find cars and trucks here in the USA,   I also offer ‘car finder’ and import services, too.

If you find your own car or truck in any EU country,  I can help have it inspected, get you better photos,  and take care of the entire importing process from start to finish.   From picking up the vehicle at the seller’s location, delivering to the shipping docks, handling all the paperwork, talking on the phone, counting the money – I do it all!

Most people do not realize, but there are a lot of moving parts involved to get a vehicle here from another country, and when you add an ocean between ‘here’ and ‘there’,  it can get complicated.   I have been doing this for several years now,  and I feel like I have learned a thing or two along the way.   Let me use my experience and on-ground-network help you get the car you have always wanted.

I am bonded/insured/licensed and can have the car delivered directly to you, wherever you live, with all appropriate paperwork to take to your local DMV for a title and registration.   Worried about getting the title yourself?   No problem.   Vehicle can be delivered directly to me here in Eugene, OR, and I will take care of the DMV paperwork for you, too, and provide a clear Oregon title (and registration, if you like) for you when you pick up your car or 4×4.

  •     Costs will vary depending on where the vehicle is that you are interested in.   Contact me if you would like more information, or if you want me to find that car you have always wanted but cannot find here in the USA.

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  •   TURBO-DIESEL ENGINE CONVERSIONS  –  My desire to have my own Range Rover Classic diesel sent me searching for an engine kit for my truck, and I was surprised to find it was very difficult to source.   So difficult, in fact, that I had to make my way to England to find a good deal and complete kit.   This led me to bring some more kits in for my friends and other local shops, and now I try to always keep at least one or two engine and transmission kits on hand.   In addition to selling the complete kits, I do offer installation and complete conversion including from automatic to manual transmission.   I am usually booked up a few months in advance, so if you think this is something you would like me to do for you,  it is best to contact me sooner rather than later.   I have now also made some nice relationships with other shops in the USA who are capable of doing these jobs as well – there may be someone much closer to you than I am here in the Northwest corner of the country.   Buy your kit from me, and I may be able to help you locate a reliable, competent shop nearby for you to have your conversion done.   Every job is a little different, so the price varies,  give me a call to discuss.  Labor rates begin at $2500 for engine swaps to diesel.
  •  Single best thing you can do to increase the value of your truck, as well as its reliability and ease / pleasure of use.
  •  I have noticed there are a lot of you guys out there importing / selling / buying these Land Rover Defenders these days.   These are terrific and fun vehicles, and the single best thing you can do for yourself is treat your truck to a re-power engine conversion.   For those of you selling,  it is a quick easy engine swap that will in some cases double the value of your truck, and make it stand out against all those other ones on eBay and other classified ad sites.   For those of you planning on keeping your truck for a long time and making it more livable,  a TDI turbo-diesel engine conversion kit will transform your truck to a more modern, fuel efficient, freeway-cruising machine!I have been importing, installing and selling my engine kits for several years now.   I take pride in the knowledge that my kits are the most complete, best kits you can buy in the USA (or anywhere, for that matter).   I have personally converted over 20 vehicles myself, and know exactly what you will need to do this job, and I make sure you will have all the pieces to do it right.   Those pieces I have not been able to find used,  I have had a fabrication / machine shop make new for me.   I have easy air-conditioning options for you.   You can ask me questions if you have any trouble during your install.   In the event of a problem I am here,  answering my phone and returning emails to make sure you are happy and your engine swap is successful…I am happy to supply proper Land Rover engine swap kits for the Defender 90, 110, Range Rover Classic, and Discovery 1 and 2.   I tailor-make each kit for a particular vehicle and application, so if you are thinking about a kit and need pricing / availability, give me a call at 912-414-8993.   I offer good used tested engines and transmissions as well as full rebuilt/ re-manufactured engines, too.

    I have been supplying many Land Rover repair shops (and even dealers), as well as private Land Rover owners with my kits for years now.

    I WANT TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS.    Check around and decide what engine you would like to fit to your Defender and I will provide it for you, all very easily.   I even take care of shipping to your door.   Most all Land Rover diesel engines available now.

    Need this engine installed?   If I cannot do it, I know many capable shops located around the USA I have provided engines for that I know can do it for you.   Call me for a referral and I can recommend someone for you.

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