LHD Defender 90 to be built as NAS-‘esque’ 300tdi/ automatic convertible

Can be built to order/ to your specification, but is beginning to be converted now, July 2019 into a NAS-inspired convertible. New doors and rear half swing-open/ swing away tire mount to be fitted by middle of month. Unsure of color yet. Yellow? Sand, a’la Camel Trophy Truck? Will be … Read More

SOLD: 1988 Range Rover 2-door turbo diesel 5-speed with all manual options –

Here now with me at Zombie Farms ~   2-Door 1988 Range Rover Classic turbo diesel 5-speed! I recently secured this truck, presumably for myself/ my own personal use as  I am short a vehicle at the moment and have been for a couple of months.    My absolute favorite Land Rovers … Read More

CONVERSION: NAS Defender 90 to 300Tdi

I thought I would try to document several of the different types of conversions I have performed, and for which I supply the complete engine ‘Swap Kits’ for here at Zombie Motors.   The conversions themselves are rather straightforward, simply removing the old original engine and gearbox and replacing with the … Read More