1990 VW Doka 1.9 turbo diesel, very nice, fitted canopy

  We just got this very nice 1.9 turbo diesel double-cab Volkswagen in here at Zombie/ Squeaky Motors — Runs great,  5 speed, has a factory canopy,  fuel efficient and fun to drive.   In exceptionally good condition.  I am happy to keep it here as the shop truck unless someone … Read More

1992 VW T4/Eurovan Doka double-cab pick up truck , diesel / 5 speed

Another great/practical and frugal double cab diesel pickup that gets a lot of attention for your consideration ~ Never sold in the USA but now eligible for import, so I have this one on its way now.   It’s making its way here from Europe, estimated to arrive the middle of … Read More

NEW GAGGLE OF VW Dokas/ Sinka too – double and single cab diesel Volkswagen trucks on the way —

I have 3 fresh VW pick up trucks on the way from Europe now  –  2 x ‘Doka’ double/crew cab trucks, and one single cab ‘Sinka’ too –  All are diesel, and all run/drive great and are in exceptionally good solid condition.   Looking for about $12,000 apiece for these with … Read More

UPDATE : 1987 VW Doka diesel truck 1.9 M-Tdi swap~ Straight& nice, ready to enjoy

I have brought in another 1987 Volkswagen Double Cab truck here,  as I keep being asked if I will sell my orange one..    This truck starts, runs and drives just fine,  still had another 9 months of its current registration/ safety inspection from Europe,  so it is in good order. … Read More

1987 VW Doka Double Cab pick-up truck ; diesel , very straight and solid Volkswagen Crew Cab

I recently imported and registered this truck for myself here at Zombie Farmz, and while I do love it …   I may need to sell to finance some new up-and-coming projects.   This Doka is a 1.6L diesel, 4-speed manual, and in exceptionally nice, solid condition —  but paint is a … Read More

1983 VW Single-cab pick up truck, 1.9L turbo diesel – very solid & straight w/Westfalia bed

I have here at Zombie Farmz a very nice reliable Volkswagen Transporter –    Huge drop side bed made by Westfalia measures 76 x 112 ” – big enough for two, almost 3 pallets in the back!   Starts right up always,   gets great mileage,  runs and drives very well,     and while … Read More

1985 VW Transporter/ DOKA turbo diesel truck – nice!

Coming soon, another Zombie Motors coveted vehicle –   Earmarked to become the Shop Truck here.  I can put baby/ car seats in the back of this sucker and still deliver a pallet or two, and even manage to get good mileage while I do it!   I also dig the color. … Read More

Anyone interested? 1987 VW Doka pickup truck crew cab turbo diesel —

I have another VW ‘Doka’ Pick up truck I have had vetted over in Europe to possibly import and sell…  Mechanic-owned and currently being used as his ‘shop truck’ –   Engine totally rebuilt 30,000 miles ago,  in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition except for seats,  covers of which are torn. … Read More