1987 VW double-cab Doka ex-German mail carrier truck

  Another excellent entry-level VW Doka here, people!   Ex German mail inspector’s truck,  rear seat replaced with pigeon-hole cabinets,  may be perfect for some small businesses or the tinkerer.  Excellent mileage, great bones, and very reasonably priced.    Rear canopy practical and desirable.   Any questions?  Call us at 912-414-8993

1990 VW Doka 1.9 turbo diesel, very nice, fitted canopy

  We just got this very nice 1.9 turbo diesel double-cab Volkswagen in here at Zombie/ Squeaky Motors — Runs great,  5 speed, has a factory canopy,  fuel efficient and fun to drive.   In exceptionally good condition.  I am happy to keep it here as the shop truck unless someone … Read More

1989 VW ‘DOKA’ crew cab pickup truck 1.9 turbo diesel & Low mileage – this thing rocks!

I just got this 1989 Volkswagon Double Cab truck onto the farm here in Savannah, GA last week.   1.9L turbo diesel AAZ engine from a 1997 Passat/ Jetta now installed, this thing hauls, literally.     Gets close to 40MPG while doing it, too!   Buy it and enjoy now, as-is,  or give … Read More