**SOLD** Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon – Solid, Tdi – powered and ready

**SOLD**SOLD**  Here is another of the vehicles that made it over from the UK this spring:  a Land Rover Defender 90 Civilian Station Wagon.   Available now to secure with your refundable deposit:

CONVERSION: NAS Defender 90 to 300Tdi

I thought I would try to document several of the different types of conversions I have performed, and for which I supply the complete engine ‘Swap Kits’ for here at Zombie Motors.   The conversions themselves are rather straightforward, simply removing the old original engine and gearbox and replacing with the … Read More

1987 Mercedes 307d pre-Sprinter diesel delivery flat bed truck

This is what the folks at Mercedes were churning out right before they started to build the ‘Sprinter’ series of trucks and vans that were also marketed by Dodge.    This one has relatively low miles (120K) and is economical with a  2.4L diesel engine.  LHD,   will be very handy, and … Read More