LHD Defender 90 to be built as NAS-‘esque’ 300tdi/ automatic convertible

Can be built to order/ to your specification, but is beginning to be converted now, July 2019 into a NAS-inspired convertible. New doors and rear half swing-open/ swing away tire mount to be fitted by middle of month. Unsure of color yet. Yellow? Sand, a’la Camel Trophy Truck? Will be … Read More

ULTIMATE OVERLAND VEHICLE Toyota turbo diesel fire truck

WE just got this in here at ZombieMotors —-  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet.    Very interesting provenance : https://expeditionportal.com/la-aduana-bio-diesel-toyota-dyna-firetruck-overland-camper/   First vehicle, ever,  to go from the top of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentine without buying or using any petroleum fuel whatsoever!     … Read More

1988 Defender 90 Left Hand Drive – Ready to be built to order for you!

  Fresh off the boat, we just got this LHD Defender 90 in here at Zombie/Squeaky Motors ~   Fine running 19J turbo diesel engine, and new-original interior looks great. Truck is exceptionally solid, especially for an un-restored truck,  and a perfect candidate for you to build your bespoke custom Defender … Read More

2004 Land Rover Discovery II G4 Challenge Edition – Real G4 truck

We bought this truck about a year ago as it is super-clean,  original,   has low miles,   and looks great.   I was going to do a proper Td5 5 – speed conversion on it,   but I am recognizing now that I am too busy to get to this anytime soon..   When … Read More

1987 VW double-cab Doka ex-German mail carrier truck

  Another excellent entry-level VW Doka here, people!   Ex German mail inspector’s truck,  rear seat replaced with pigeon-hole cabinets,  may be perfect for some small businesses or the tinkerer.  Excellent mileage, great bones, and very reasonably priced.    Rear canopy practical and desirable.   Any questions?  Call us at 912-414-8993

Land Rover Defender 2.0 MPi gasoline 4 cylinder engine swap to Tdi

I recently converted a 1998 Defender 90 which was fitted with this particular engine  –  These were used in some European markets where engines were taxed heavily if they were over 2.0L in displacement,  or diesel….  most famously used by some Italian police forces.   The truck and engine arrived with … Read More

NEW GAGGLE OF VW Dokas/ Sinka too – double and single cab diesel Volkswagen trucks on the way —

I have 3 fresh VW pick up trucks on the way from Europe now  –  2 x ‘Doka’ double/crew cab trucks, and one single cab ‘Sinka’ too –  All are diesel, and all run/drive great and are in exceptionally good solid condition.   Looking for about $12,000 apiece for these with … Read More

1973 Wolseley 6 2200 – The BIG Austin Mini! Welcome the Landcrab.

I was looking in my recent issue of Classic and Sports Car, and as so often happens, the innocent reading of an article about a cool car I have never seen in the flesh before turns into an Ebay.uk.co search, which in turn becomes some impulsive and not-well-thought-out bidding, which … Read More

**SOLD** 1987 VW Doka/Syncro turbo diesel 4×4 Crew Cab truck

**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** I recently caught the bug to get a 4 wheel drive Syncro truck, and got carried away and bought two!   Both are German, LHD,  running/driving/ready to use now.   This green one has about 180K miles and had current TUV, meaning everything was working and safe for the roads.   Starts, … Read More

**SOLD** 1991 Toyota Double Cab Hilux pickup truck

**SOLD**SOLD**   I have probably had more requests for a nice one of these than any other vehicle.  This one is especially tidy, very rare here in the US, and will sell very quickly.   If you want to learn more or buy it,  call me at 912-414-8993 , thank you.