Transmissions – LT77, R380, 300Tdi-Automatic, LT230 center-locking transfer cases

Transmission or Gearbox?   Either way you want to say it,  I usually have several in stock.  Tested and ready to go.

I have many transmissions available –  From the V8 automatics I remove during my diesel conversions (selling cheap!), V8 R380 kits, to 4-cylinder LT77, R380 and the LT230 transfer case in every possible ratio for your custom needs.   I have the LT85, the BEEFIEST of the V8 5-speeds for your Defender 90/110 or Range Rover Classic.   I have the LT95 for early V8 Stage 1 Series trucks and very early Defenders.   I have Fairey overdrives.   If it bolts behind your engine and is full of gears, I probably have one.   I even carry the 300Tdi-version of the ZF automatic transmission, and even have the engine-parts to make your 300tdi an auto-version, too.

  • All used transmissions carry a 60-day warranty.
  • Cleaned and inspected, from 70K miles up to 180K mile units.
  • Automatic and manual gearboxes.
  • Prices start from $300 for good used units.
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