Anyone interested? 1987 VW Doka pickup truck crew cab turbo diesel —


I have another VW ‘Doka’ Pick up truck I have had vetted over in Europe to possibly import and sell…  Mechanic-owned and currently being used as his ‘shop truck’ –   Engine totally rebuilt 30,000 miles ago,  in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition except for seats,  covers of which are torn.

Truck has a total of about 150K miles on the chassis,  but has been very well taken care of and drives nice like it should.    Engine totally rebuilt 30K ago, and starts easily and has surprising amount of power (especially for original 1.6TD!)  –  5 speed shifts nicely and it will go 65 all day long, including up hills.

Will get great mileage,  make a nice work truck, daily driver,  food truck,  or even camping rig.    Has been well looked after and was painted nicely several years ago.


Will be looking for $12,900 or so landed in the US with all paperwork for title, as a ‘pre-sale’ –   call or message me if interested in this or any other vehicle I have for offer/ sale- , 503-810-4713





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