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Who is ZombieMotors? –  Now back in Eugene, OR!  Call 912-414-8993 with any questions or needs, thanks ~

Greetings.  I am Zak Mosieur, and I enjoy interesting cars and trucks.   I especially enjoy engines, and have recognized long ago that those lucky folks in Europe get to buy much more interesting and fuel efficient vehicles than we get to here in the USA.   Conspiracy?   I dunno’.   But I intended to do something about it and so the idea was planted firmly in my head:  I want to import the cool and cheap-to-run cars, trucks, and people-movers that are available elsewhere in the world.   So, ZOMBIEMOTORS was born, in an effort to bring in turbo-diesel engine conversion kits for your Land Rover, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover Classic and other European makes.

In addition, I really enjoy a weird car – so I also go out of my way to look for a Citroen, Peugeot, Panhard, Toyota diesel Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol diesel and other oddballs, too.

I have a scorching case of ADHD, but I try not to let that stop me from performing actual work at my warehouse, too – I specialize in Land Rover diesel engine conversions, and also fix up funny old vehicles while on the clock at ZombieMotors.

I have spent the last couple of years developing a network of folks to help me bring in vehicles, parts, engine kits and the occasional phone booth or Chippendale leather sectional, and have a reliable team I trust to import goods from Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

Need help importing a car or truck or SUV?   Let me know.   I can help!   I do have a lot of experience importing even the elusive Land Rover Defender 110, and know what I am doing, and can help you there too, guaranteed.

The majority of my business has become engine re-power kits for Land Rover Defenders and Discovery / Range Rovers.   I have noticed there are a lot of you guys out there importing / selling / buying these Land Rover Defenders these days.   These are terrific and fun vehicles, and the single best thing you can do for yourself is treat your truck to a re-power engine conversion.   For those of you selling, it is a quick easy engine swap that will in some cases double the value of your truck, and make it stand out against all those other ones on eBay and other classified ad sites.   For those of you planning on keeping your truck for a long time and making it more livable,  a TDI turbo-diesel engine conversion kit will transform your truck to a more modern, fuel efficient, freeway-cruising machine!

I have been importing, installing and selling my engine kits for several years now.   I take pride in the knowledge that my kits are the most complete, best kits you can buy in the USA (or anywhere, for that matter).   I have personally converted over 20 vehicles myself, and know exactly what you will need to do this job, and I make sure you will have all the pieces to do it right.   Those pieces I have not been able to find used,  I have had a fabrication / machine shop make new for me.   I have easy air-conditioning options for you.   You can ask me questions if you have any trouble during your install.   In the event of a problem I am here,  answering my phone and returning emails to make sure you are happy and your engine swap is successful…

I am happy to supply proper Land Rover engine swap kits for the Defender 90, 110, Range Rover Classic, and Discovery 1 and 2.   I tailor-make each kit for a particular vehicle and application, so if you are thinking about a kit and need pricing / availability, give me a call at 912-414-8993.   I offer good used tested engines and transmissions as well as full rebuilt / re-manufactured engines, too.

I have been supplying many Land Rover repair shops (and even dealers), as well as private Land Rover owners with my kits for years now.

I WANT TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS.   Check around and decide what engine you would like to fit to your Defender, and I will provide it for you, all very easily.   I even take care of shipping to your door.  Most all Land Rover diesel engines are available now.

Need this engine installed?   If I cannot do it, I know many capable shops located around the USA I have provided engines for that I know can do it for you.   Call me for a referral and I can recommend someone for you.

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