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Built to Order – The perfect 1973 Series III 88″ convertible – Coming soon, can be yours.

I just purchased this complete, rust-free 1973 Series III. It has ZERO rust. My plan is to rebuild it over the winter, including new paint, Discovery axles with 4-wheel disc brakes, 5-speed LT77, and rebuilt Zombie Motors Tdi turbo diesel engine.


1996 Discovery 1 OVERLAND w/new 300Tdi & 5 SPEED

I am in the process of just wrapping up this AWESOME Discovery 1 – It has most of the quality accessories/bells/whistles a feller likes to buy for his Land Rover :

  • ARB roof rack
  • ARB on-board compressor

1988 Defender 90 Left Hand Drive – Ready to be built to order for you!

Fresh off the boat, we just got this LHD Defender 90 in here at Zombie/Squeaky Motors ~ Fine running 19J turbo diesel engine, and new-original interior looks great.

Truck is exceptionally solid, especially for an un-restored truck, and a perfect candidate for you to build your bespoke custom Defender from.


Land Rover Defender 2.0 MPi gasoline 4 cylinder engine swap to Tdi

I recently converted a 1998 Defender 90 which was fitted with this particular engine – These were used in some European markets where engines were taxed heavily if they were over 2.0L in displacement, or diesel…. most famously used by some Italian police forces. The truck and engine arrived with only 64,000KM on it, or about 30,000 miles, engine is barely broken in.


Land Rover Defender 90 300Tdi - Sweet entry-level D90!

You WILL NOT find another Defender 90 that is Tdi-powered and ready-to-go anywhere in the USA for less than our price here, and this truck is ready to use now. Drive it anywhere! For the best deals in the US on Land Rover Defenders and the most comprehensive Tdi-engine power swap kits, ZombieMotors is the spot you need to shop first.


CONVERSION: NAS Defender 90 to 300Tdi

I thought I would try to document several of the different types of conversions I have performed, and for which I supply the complete engine ‘Swap Kits’ for here at Zombie Motors. The conversions themselves are rather straightforward, simply removing the old original engine and gearbox and replacing with the supplied engine and transmission/gearbox. However, hopefully, these photo diaries will help somewhat with getting an idea of what needs to be done to convert a Land Rover to Tdi power.